Certificate Design

I prepare for designing a security award design, for a dog contest. Downloading a logo from they website and make a layout for them. I think is easy, because other designer who had submit they design doesn't make a guilloche pattern for that award. No guilloche pattern mean no security for that certificate. And that makes easy to counterfeit.
They want a classy design with a few colors. I think I must use 3 colours from pantone colour template and give one color for the fluorescent ink. So that make so hard to counterfeit.
My design specification is guilloche pattern, microtext, curve logo and swirl background. Print in a special thin paper with special color and fluorescent ink. Hope I win that.
Keep trying searching for crazy idea. Cheers

Bid and Win

This saturday night I had won bid in a auction website. My second bid and I got a Black PS3 with 80Gb HDD for Rp. 5.800,00. This is so weird, Did I really win that stuff?
First bid I use for a Blacberry Bold 9000 but I lose that. Because other bid more than me. And the time is ended before I can bid more for that stuff.
Back to Ps 3. After I get announcement about my win, at my dashboard account, I sent mail to that website owner, about payment and when I get that stuff. But untill now, I they not reply to my message. Is this because today is sunday? So they leave the office, and go vacation or take a rest at their home. Or that website is just a scam website?
I don't know.
Hope tomorrow they reply my message and give me my prize. So I can sell that ps 3 and buy a netbook. Or I write something bad about them at a few forums as a thread starter and makes an announcement for people that website is scam. Never get in there, if you don't want to tricked by them.
But I really want …

Prepare For Better Week

Wow, this week business going well. Earning increase significant. Great job guys. Now I can buy paper, ink, glossy, and other for stock more great quantitiy. Let's pray for more good week. I had sign up for a design contest and submit my design. The announcement for winner is 2 weeks after submitted. Hope I win that, so we can buy more printing machine for our job.
More printing machine will makes us can handle more works. Works mean money. Yeah, as our motto rich or die. hwahahaha.
I really want help for charity event, such as to a victim for earthquake. I really want to help them. It's so sad, if I watching news on tv. They so desperate. But now I can't I still have debt to the bank and credit card. Hope after this month I can reach the target and pay for my debt. So the next month I can contribute more for other people.
Just pray for me, so I can do that. How about you?

Yellow So Suck

Last night, I watch tv and watching about election for chairman of a Yellow politic party. I really sad, as you know when election times is come. Some problem is show up. Such as a camera pen use for election. What the hell. That really not democratic, it's embarassment.
I think how the people like that can doing something really stupid. They are official of government. They is a transmission for what people said. But they like a child. So sad, so poor.
I think I will never ever elect for them in the next election. How about you?

Stuck When Write

Stuck, need more idea. Hmm.. collecting image first. Maybe image can make an inspiration for my ebook. I already write about google account and blogger. Should I write about Google Webmaster Tools and AdSense?
In first chapter I write about that with step-by-step tutorial. That is so weird for you if you had doing that. I think someone will say, "What the hell, I know this. You think I'm an idiot."
Hope that just my imagination, I'm sorry if you had know about that. But this ebook for someone who really don't know about blog. And I have a friend like that. Give me a critics but don't too much. I feel down with critics.
Thank's for your attention.
Keep blogwalking friend. Cheers.

My Ebook | Part 1 Introduction Before I Made It

Make Blog and Monetize ebook
Hello there, today I searching for tutorial ebook or article from forum about blog and monetize. About how to makes your blog make money for you. As a newbie blogger. I really dizzy. Because the content of ebook that I had downloded is so looooooooooooong article.
Maybe you have same problem with me, when your began as a blogger at past time. Are you remember about that?
You read every articles in forum, print your ebook and read it. But you still don't have answer for your question about how blog can makes money for you.
I still a newbie blogger, and I still remember I feel down when I stuck about monetize blog. I still have a big question, why my blog earning still zero when other blogger had cash?
Until now, I just have an answer about that. I want share my experience about that. And I make an ebook about that. Until now I still newbie with really really small earning from blog, but like a aphorism small will become big sometime.
So I need your supp…

Inkjet Printer

Oh my god. I'm so depressed. Stressfull. Somebody help me!!!
My inkjet printer is broken again. I don't know why. I buy epson T11 with CISS and printing every order I get. I think it's normal use. I just print about 10 - 90 sheet per day. Use normal paper, yup just plain paper type HVS 80gsm.
From Januari untill now I had bought 3 printers with same type. Epson T11 with CISS, but printer head always broken. I must replace with new one printer head. And the mechanic said, if this print head replaced, I don't guarantee for print quality will back as well as new printer.
So, what the hell. Why I should do that, if the print result still ugly. Replace printer head with a new one is'nt solution. I think the solution is buy new one printer.
But I don't have money for buy that. Epson T11 with CISS price is $70. And I just have $10. Really poor me. But if I not buy that printer, business is stopped. Hmm.. What should I do?