About Blog, From Me as Newbie In Blog World

Hmm long time no see, I never update this blog for long time. By the way. Are you already check your blog page rank at google page rank checker?
I had just do that. And amazingly happen here. My blog increase to PR2. Yeah, that good for newbie blogger likes me.
I actually don't know the meaning of page rank. I search at any webpages, blogs and forums. But until now, I just know that is just number. So sad. I think I just can't understand in the answer from article or other blogger about this page rank.
As you know, I just write what I want to write here. So, I really dizzy about lame blogger or whatever they call for a senior blogger said to me about blogging technique.
It's there a technique for blogging?
I just get some word used by blogger, such as SERP, SEO, Keyword, Meta Tag and other. Oh, that make me sick. Why they use that? What for? and many question flying in my head about that.
But, shut off they mouth and start blogging again. Likes they said to me too, Content is King. Whatever you do for your blog, the most important is content of your blog.
So, I just do my own way blog, with my original content. Let's see who's win. Content or Technique.


Certificate Design

I prepare for designing a security award design, for a dog contest. Downloading a logo from they website and make a layout for them. I think is easy, because other designer who had submit they design doesn't make a guilloche pattern for that award. No guilloche pattern mean no security for that certificate. And that makes easy to counterfeit.
They want a classy design with a few colors. I think I must use 3 colours from pantone colour template and give one color for the fluorescent ink. So that make so hard to counterfeit.
My design specification is guilloche pattern, microtext, curve logo and swirl background. Print in a special thin paper with special color and fluorescent ink. Hope I win that.
Keep trying searching for crazy idea. Cheers